Friday, February 11, 2011

Brace Yourself for THAI Food!

This Chinese New Year, we decided to do some travelling. So over the the past couple of weeks, we ventured to a-place-which-shall-be-revealed-later. On route, we stopped over in Bangkok. We hadn't been to Bangkok since the trouble began between the yellow and red shirts, so we were pretty excited to go back to Bangkok and fill our tummies with delicious Thai cuisine :)

Our first stop: Greyhound Cafe (Central Chidlom)

Hubby ordered a lychee drink ... this was oh-so-good!

I was deciding what to get for a drink when I looked around and saw this drink on practically every table: Iced Lemon Tea! I had completely forgotten that this was one of the most popular drinks in Greyhound Cafe! One of the reasons for it being so well received is that they freeze cubes of this iced tea so even after the ice melts, the tea isn't diluted and retains that nice flavour. However, I have to say that on this particular day, the Iced Lemon Tea was a tad too sweet for me.

Another signature Greyhound Cafe dish: Corn beef spaghetti
(The last time we went to Greyhound Cafe at Siam Paragon and discovered that this dish is only avail in their outlet in Central Chidlom)

We also ordered up some grilled pork slices with sticky rice and a fabulous fabulous chili dipping sauce! This really hit the spot!

And to round off our meal, I had the coconut sherbet - without a doubt, THE best coconut ice cream I have ever had in my whole life! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I dream about this sometimes, and often wish I could bring a whole carton home with me! If only they'd set up a branch in Taipei or Singapore or Hong Kong!

As the coconut sherbet was sooooo incredibly wonderful, we went back to Greyhound Cafe for another serving. This time, we ordered their fried chicken wings ... (yum!)

Spicy spaghetti with anchovies and chilies ... really really delicious! Greyhound Cafe truly has wonderful Thai-Italian fusion spaghetti!

For dinner one of the nights, we returned to Ruen Mallika, a restaurant a Thai friend had brought us to several years ago. We remembered their food as being really good, so we made our way there ...

I had a fresh coconut ... I really miss fresh coconuts in Thailand and Singapore and basically South East Asia. Taipei has fresh coconuts, but they never taste like those in S.E.A.

Some lime juice in preparation to take the heat of the Thai food down a little ...

Paad Thai ...

Deep Fried Fish with Fruit Salad ... this came with raw crabs which had been marinated in vinegar, but we didn't dare to try this ...

For our last evening in Bangkok, we had actually wanted to visit the Spice Market at the Four Seasons Hotel, which has consistently good Thai food. However, I had gotten carried away with my shopping around Siam Square. Fortunately, while in Siam Square, we noticed hordes of people waiting outside this eatery, Som Tam ...

We figured that so many people and all these write-ups couldn't be wrong, so we decided to try it out. (Incidentally, the pic above was taken after I left the restaurant, at which time the crowds had already thinned out. Otherwise, all the seats outside the eatery were filled with ppl waiting for their seats.)

We had some mango salad ...

Paad Thai (turns out this restaurant specialises in North Thailand cuisine, so their Paad Thai looks a lil different than what we're usually accustomed to)

Deep fried fish with spicy sauce ... for us, this was the winner!

Grilled pork with thai spices

After dinner, we adjourned to Mango Tango for some mango sticky rice (yes, amazingly, we could still eat!) ...

How cute is their menu?!

Our mango with sticky rice ...

I had thought this would be just a normal mango sticky rice dessert, but I was wrong. This was one of the nicest sticky rice I've had in a looong looong time. I normally am not a huge fan of sticky rice, but this was really good!

Burp! :)

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