Sunday, November 14, 2010

Retro Fashion is Back!

These days, the fashion magazines seem to be filled with pages of retro fashion. The pictures featured in Louis Vuitton and Chloe all bring to mind the clothes I remember seeing my mom wearing when I was growing up. Especially nostalgic are the bow-tie blouses, like these:

Bow-tie blouse from ASOS

Bow-Tie Top fm Mango

Printed Bow-Tie Top fm Mango

I also recall my mom wearing tops like this ...

Cropped Cap-Sleeve Top fm ASOS

3/4 Sleeve Blouson Top fm Mango

All of which she normally teamed with full circular skirts similar to these (except I remember she liked them in florals ... and longer ... around a midish length .. much like the skirts or dress skirts in the Louis Vuitton ads seen recently) ...

Camel Full Skirt by Mango

Printed Full Skirt by Mango

And just the other day when we were talking about how fashion during my mom's time was coming back in vogue, my mom told me about her precious pleated skirts when she was in her early 20s. Apparently, she'd scrimped and saved to buy one of the pleated skirts that was the height of fashion then. Back then, the skirts were sold according to the size of the pleats! Eg. 1cm pleats, or 2cm pleats, or 3 cm pleats! Fascinating!

And here's the clincher (at least for me!): They were all packed in long boxes, with the skirt beautifully and immaculately folded along the pleat lines! Oh wow! Can you imagine receiving a skirt nowadays in a box?! Much less folded along the pleats?! Sometimes, I think that certain things were really done much better in the ol' days...

Sadly, my mom had given all her skirts away, but I'm guessing the skirts looked somewhat like this ...
(except prob minus the silver and definitely looking more vintagey ...)

Pleated Skirt fm Modcloth

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