Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Very First Fruit Cake

Every year, my mom bakes her famous fruit cake. But as fruit cakes aren't my fav thing, I never learnt how to bake this. This year, however, Christmas didn't seem like Christmas without fruit cakes, and my mom's fruit cake is the only fruit cake I like. So, I got her recipe and here's my very first attempt at the fruit cake ...

(erm ... do excuse the rather sad pics cos I was too eager to taste the cake, I forgot to snap a shot of it before I cut into it ....)

It was rather crumbly as I later realised I shouldn't have cut into it so soon after baking. It needs some marinating in rum/brandy for a few days to get more moist, otherwise it will tend to be a lil crumbly.

All in all, I thought it turned out pretty decent ... the colours could've been nicer if I'd been able to find the right kind of fruit mix. But overall, it smelled and tasted very much like my mom's fruit cake :)

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