Friday, May 27, 2011

Adorable Animals around Taipei

I nearly walked past this shop without seeing this lil ball of white fluff, then I did a double take when I saw his tag: Store Manager! Hahahahaha ...

Look at this sweetie at the junction of Zhongxiao Fuxing Rd ... This lil silky was soooo tiny! And her owner was this huge guy who was arranging her little cap ... awwwww .... so sweet!

This was the kitty cat - a sweet looking Scottish Fold - that caught my eye the last time I was at Shida. She was sitting by the window, and I was so tempted to go into the cafe to play with her. I couldn't take a proper pic of her cos she's apparently very shy ...

At first glance, this kitty looks fierce, but she turned out to have the sweetest nature of the 3 cats. She was actually facing the other way, but the moment I started petting her, she got up, turned around and faced me, as though patiently waiting for me to take a picture of her! Sooooo sweet!

This was the fiercest kitty of the three! Based on appearances, you'd think she was the nicest, but she was fierce! When I touched her paw, she would swat at my hand. But it was hilarious watching her groom herself cos her fur was so long. She'd lift her head really high just to get to the end of her fur! Hahahaha .... It must be really a full-time job grooming herself!

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