Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coffee Alley, East District, Taipei - Again :)

Since I'd loved Coffee Alley so much the first time I tried it, Hubby made a reservation last weekend. The cafe is so popular that when we called to make a reservation, which was a week in advance, there was only one time slot left for the entire weekend! I kid you not!

This time, we ordered some ice lemon tea ...

As I liked their fruit tea so much, I ordered that again (with 50% sugar, it was still a lil too sweet for me, so the next time, I'll try asking for no sugar) ...

BBQ Pork Sandwich
- I was expecting more like a pulled pork sandwich, but this turned out to be more like a thick ham sandwich. Nevertheless, it was still pretty good.

And for the piece de resistance ... ice cream?

We were served this mountain of candy floss, with a little side of warm coffee. They told us to pour the warm coffee over the candy floss to dissolve and caramelise it to form a sweet caramel coating over the vanilla ice cream and nuts underneath ...

This was simply AMAZING!
(Definitely worth every bit of torturous exercise I had to do after devouring this :))

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