Monday, October 17, 2011

Goodies fm USA & HK

I was away from my Taipei home for a month, and when I came back home a couple of days ago, Hubby had proudly displayed all his purchases for me from his trips to USA and Hong Kong on our coffee table in the living room!

I must say I was impressed! :)

So, apart fm the numerous mags, here's a closer look at what he got:

First up, oven gloves from Pantry Magic in Hong Kong.
A friend of mine who's a wonderful baker ( had recommended these gloves to me, and as I bought what I thought were the last few gloves for her from Pantry Magic in Taipei, I asked Hubby to get a couple for me if their store in HK had any. And here they are! The reason why my friend thinks they are so good is that they are silicon on the outside and cloth on the inside. The cloth lining makes them softer and easier to grip trays in the oven, while the silicon protects the hands from oven heat better than cloth oven gloves.

I've been a Rosebud Salve convert ever since I had a bout with a really dry lip last year and tried practically all kinds of lip balms, none of which worked, till I finally found this Rosebud Salve. The only problem was it only came in a little "jar", which wasn't the most convenient. So, when I discovered it now came in a tube, I decided to try it to see if it's the same as the one in the jar.

And some healthy stuff too ... Flax Seed powder fm GNC. In view that lately everyone around me has been getting increasingly health conscious, I decided to get into the mode as well, and asked Hubby to get these fm USA. They are good for the colon, the digestive system, as well as for helping to bring the triglycerides down.

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