Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wagas, Shanghai

We liked Wagas so much, we decided to go back for a second visit to find out if our first visit was just a fluke. We were definitely pleased to find out Wagas is indeed as good as it was on our first visit :)

Hubby had another cup of latte ....

I had a ginger tea ... it had slivers of ginger - good for those true ginger-lovers, but not so much for someone like me who prefers my ginger drinks more ginger-infused rather than risking bites into the sharp ginger heat. Nevertheless, it was not too bad ...

Orange polenta almond cake ... I'd always read about this kind of cake but never got the chance to try it as polenta isn't exactly a popular ingredient in Asia. I was really impressed by this and would go back to get this again!

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