Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kitties in Shanghai

I love all (ok ... almost all) furry creatures, and have been wondering if I should get a dog or a cat even though I've only ever had cats for a pet. Although I do like the concept of a dog (unconditional love, loyal melting brown eyes gazing at me in total utter adoration ... what's not to like?), having been barked at and treated with some hostility or blaseness by some doggies, I think I've decided that I am totally in the cat camp... at least in Shanghai :)

Here are a couple of kitties who helped sway me :)

A gorgeous, sweet and super affectionate kitty at a shop on Ju Lu Road... a female ginger!

This male ginger was adopted by the staff at the reception of the building I was staying in ... he's got a "ren" on his back! ("Ren" is the chinese character for "people" in chinese :) ... cute!)

Unlike the kitty in the shop, he doesn't like being carried ...

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