Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Rasa Indian Restaurant, London, UK

After our York visit, and a typical British lunch, we were craving some good Indian food, and as everyone knows, London is famous for the fantastic Indian food.  We found this restaurant - The Rasa Indian restaurant, Holiday Inn at Kings Cross, London - online.  The reviews were pretty good and it was Zagat rated.  Plus, it was relatively near the Kings Cross station where we got off the train from York.

The restaurant was rather empty when we got there, so I began to feel a tad apprehensive.  But the servers were pretty knowledgeable and helpful.  They recommended this starter - a mix of pappadums, maruku etc, served with an assortment of Indian dips/chutneys ... YUM!!!!  We demolished this dish in seconds!  Confidence in our choice of restaurants was promptly restored :)

A chicken curry (also recommended by the staff) ...

A fish curry (also recommended by the staff) ... somehow I find that the fish curries in London are generally pretty excellent - not fishy at all, and so yummy!

An interesting cabbage dish ... I've never tried this before, and for someone from Southeast Asia, I think that's quite something in itself ...

Although we were really stuffed by the end of the meal, the staff recommended this banana pancake dessert with ice cream .... ohhhhhh .... how to resist?!  It was needless to say extremely satisfying!

I can very safely say that this was worth a repeat visit!  Nom nom nom!

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