Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oxford & Regent Street, London

While shopping around Oxford Street, I decided to venture down Regent Street.  When I turned the corner, the view was simple awe inspiring!  Just look at all these magnificent grand old buildings lining the entire street!

Along the way, I found the Liberty Department Store ...

... and Carnaby Street which branched out into several streets dotted with lil shops and eateries, somewhat like Covent Garden.  

On a separate day, after showing off my Carnaby Street find to Hubby, he then proceeded to top my find by stumbling upon the famed Saville Row and the surrounding Mayfair area, including the magnificent Fortnam and Mason store, and ...

The Burlington Acade (I believe) ... 
Unfortunately, it was late and several of the shops were closed, or in the process of closing for the day.

But there was one fascinating shop that had crowds of people milling around its front ... ahhhh ... The Vintage Watch Company! When I finally managed to inch my way to its display window, I realised why it was so interesting ... they had vintage designer watches for every year since ... well, at least 1940 I think!  A perfect gift for someone who has everything?

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