Monday, September 20, 2010

Anniversaire Cafe, Omotesando, Tokyo

Our very kind Japanese friend, K, knowing my love for pastries, brought us here for afternoon tea - Anniversaire Cafe ... doesn't it look like somewhere in Paris?

Ohhhhhhh .... this citron tart was simply to die for! The balance of all the flavours of the meringue, the lemon cream and crisp pastry shell was wonderful!

Heart-shaped chocolate cake ... the top was made of bitter-chocolate and it balanced the sweeter chocolate filling perfectly! A perfect chocolate fix!

This was K's choice, and my my, what a fabulous choice! Delicious slightly tart berries went perfectly with the cheese mousse and between these layers was a surprise - champagne(?) jelly! That really added a wonderful kick to this beautiful dessert!

(Incidentally, it was also K who took us to Quil Fait Bon, a long time ago.)

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