Friday, January 21, 2011

Bistro Le Pont, Taipei

Bistro Le Pont ... doesn't this name just conjure up images of a Parisian Bistro?

Even the menu has prices in EUR, and the dishes are in French or Chinese ...

Check out the very French menu board outside the bistro ...

The lovely French looking facade ...

Are you still thinking France?

.. Granini brand of banana juice ... yup, from France ...


Taiwanese style smoked goose!
I was totally surprised when the waiter served us this!
Cheeky Hubby tricked me into thinking we'd be having French food at this French bistro with the French name, French exterior, French interior and French menu!
Apparently, he had read about this lil restaurant on the internet ...
ppl had highly recommended the goose
- they apparently specialised in this.

Stirfried Bean Sprouts
- how much more Chinese can you get? Hahaha ...

A lovely bowl of Taiwanese bee hoon or rice noodles to go with the goose

A bowl of rice with a tasty topping of XO sauce
made by the shop themselves ... this was truly delicious!

I also picked up a couple of handcreams made in Twn
- these looked so French, I'd initially thought they were fm France
but they turned out to be made by the shop themselves!
As they specialised in geese products, they contained goose oil.
Are you cringing?
Well, don't!
Cos goose oil is like lanolin!
And when I tried some on, I found it really good!

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  1. Lol. That's how I felt about Sugar Cafe.. cute shop, serving both Chinese pork chops and Italian pasta. totally Taiwan