Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yummy Singapore Hawker Food!

So now you know the reason for my absence ... I was back in Singapore, stuffing my tummy with yummy Singapore food, and wishing I had four stomachs like a cow (although I definitely don't wish to be the size of one!).

I often think that if I lived in a Western country that didn't have a Chinatown, I would sorely miss my soya bean products and fishcakes ... but actually, even living in Taipei, I miss these things typically found in a Singapore hawker centre!

One of my favorite hawker dishes is Mee Pok (Dry) ...
(this one is with my other favorite food - fishcakes!)

Otah ... very hard to find outside South East Asia ... particularly in this form, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over a charcoal fire ...

Chinese style curry puffs! DELISH!!!!

Wan Ton Mee (Dry)

Soybean Curd ... ok, I have no problems finding this in Taipei, but in Singapore, I can get a special combination of bean curd + soyabean milk. In Taipei, only very few stalls sell both bean curd and soyabean milk at the same time, so this combination is very rare in Taipei.

Oh dear ... tummy's rumbling ...

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