Wednesday, November 2, 2011


About a week ago, someone gave us these goodies ...

The "Teddy Bear" tin is apparently from a well sought after bakery called Jenny Bakery in Hong Kong. We're told that their cookies are so famous cos they are all handmade.

The tin we got was a mix of four types. It was kind of a mystery as to what the flavours were cos there was no pamphlet included in the box to help us identify the flavours. But I could taste butter and coffee cookies in different textures.

Someone else happened to go to Hokkaido for a holiday and brought this box of cookies back for us ... and it happens to be one of my fav kind of cookies, which I've not seen outside of Japan!

What's so great about these cookies, you ask? Check out what's sandwiched between the biscuits ....

Rum/brandy(?)-soaked raisins in a delicious cream!


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