Thursday, November 24, 2011

Taiyaki fm Sapporo, Mitsukoshi, Taipei

A couple of weeks ago, Mitsukoshi, Xinyi, Taipei was having a Japanese fair. When I went there to have a look, I noticed that this stall from Sapporo selling Taiyaki (a Japanese pancake in the shape of a fish) had a perpetually long queue. Since my experience showed that long queues generally = good food, I decided to come check it out the following day hoping that during the weekdays, the queue would be shorter. Amazingly, I still had to wait almost 2 hours to get my taiyaki!

Can you tell I had loads of time to take pics? Hahaha ....

Pretty taiyaki ... with red bean filling and milk custard filling ...

When I first bit into one immediately after I got them, I was so disappointed! I was expecting the outside to be nice and crisp. A friend then educated me on the different types of taiyaki, and the Sapporo kind had more of a pancake texture and therefore was not crispy outside. When I had it a day later, I found that it did indeed have a pancake texture and was pretty delicious in its own right :)

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