Monday, February 27, 2012

Hof (House of Flour), Shanghai

While walking around Huai Hai Middle Road, we stumbled upon this dessert shop tucked in Sinan Lu (off Huai Hai Middle Road - turn in from H&M). We thought it'd be nice to pop in for afternoon tea, but we weren't prepared for the sheer number of people waiting for a table. However, we were curious as to why this place had attracted so many people, so we persevered and finally got a table 30-45 mins later.

We later found out that Hof won some awards for the best desserts in Shanghai - mainly chocolate desserts as that's Hof's specialty. The waitress (a Singaporean university student doing her internship with Fudan University & Hof) told us some of their most popular items are the "Death By Chocolate" & "Chocolate Orange Mud Cake with Caramel & Sea Salt".

I got some hot chocolate with a shot of Bailey's ...

And to avoid a chocolate overdose, we only ordered one cake - the Chocolate Orange Mud Cake with Caramel and Sea Salt ...


  1. I liked the hot chocolate, but have to say that the chocolate cake wasn't to my taste. I like my chocolate cakes rich and moist and not crumbly. I also prefer a more fluffy/whipped frosting to hard and sugary or fondant-like icing. Just a personal preference.