Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coffee Alley, East District, Taipei

My, Oh My! Oh My!

This has got to be one of THE most satisfying afternoon teas I've had in a while! I highly highly recommend Coffee Alley! Just take a look at the waffles we ordered .... Swoon! ....

Before I give you a closer look at the waffles (as well as a description), let's look at the drinks we had on this hot and muggy day in Taipei ...

A refreshing cup of lemon soda with lots of icy cold crushed ice ... this truly quenched our thirst! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ......

I have always been a fan of the fruit teas in Taiwan cos they give new meaning to fruit teas as the teas have a healthy serving of fresh fruits in the tea and fruit juice is also added for that added punch. However, there are times, they can be cloyingly sweet. Since I wanted it more to quench my thirst rather than to satisfy my sweet tooth, I requested for it to be less sweet, and the end result was definitely very satisfying.

Coffee Alley's fruit tea is one of their recommended teas and has a nice amount of passionfruit pulp, which gives it a very nice flavour and aroma ... definitely a plus for me. Despite my dislike for the passionfruits seeds which I generally don't enjoy crunching into, somehow, I didn't have this unpleasant experience with their fruit tea ... another definite plus :)

Proof that exceptional quality and service is all in the details ... a lemon "ice cube"! Essentially, a lemon frozen in ice! Acts to flavour the tea that you pour into the drinking glass, as well as to keep it chilled ... wonderful!

Finally, a close-up of the waffles!

We ordered the salted caramel waffles. I loved that the waffles were still crisp on top, and the accompanying salted caramel, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream were artistically placed on the side. That way, my waffles could stay wonderfully crisp and I could take as much of the "sides" as I wanted! Fabulous way of serving the waffles, at least for me! And the thing that set Coffee Alley's waffles apart from the others I've had (aside fm the above), was the generous serving of luxury nuts! Hazelnuts! Almonds! YUM!


Another fabulous thing about this particular Coffee Alley outlet is their wonderful location - fantastic for people watching! Even waiting half an hour (it's worth the wait!) for a table didn't seem so torturous, as we were happily occupied/entertained by loads of people watching outside the cafe! Here's a view fm my table at Coffee Alley ...

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