Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I-Baked, Shida, Taipei

I had walked past I-Baked many times, and every time, I was sorely tempted to try it. However, my tummy was usually very well fed by the time I remembered I-Baked. This time, I happily made room for this dessert I'd been wanting to try for the longest time, and boy, was I glad I did!

I-Baked's specialty is cookie sandwiches - basically, your choice of ice-cream sandwiched between 2 pretty good-sized cookies. What more can a dessert-crazed person ask for?

I had assumed we could only choose 1 cookie flavour. To my pleasant surprise, I learnt I could choose 2 different flavours!

I had to have the double chocolate chip cookie and the vanilla M&M cookie. To balance the sweetness of these cookies, I chose the latte ice cream. This turned out to be such a wonderful combo! Swoon!

The M&Ms gave the whole ice-cream sandwich a nice crunch!

For those who are intending to try this, do note that the cookies (at least those I tried) are the soft and chewy kind, not the hard and crisp kind. I am normally a fan of the latter, but in this instance, I thought the soft chewy cookies didn't detract fm this delicious confection :)

Definitely will go back to try out different combos!

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