Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dazzling Thai, Taipei

As I was pretty impressed by Dazzling Cafe (their Honey Toast in particular), when I heard they were opening an eatery serving Thai cuisine - Dazzling Thai, I had high hopes.

We ordered a Thai Papaya Salad, which I usually order to gauge how good their food is ...

... and a bruschetta with minced chicken in thai spices and sauces ...

This dish - grilled pork with sticky rice - which turned out to be my favorite ...

Minced pork with lettuce wraps and broad/flat rice noodles ...


  1. so did you like it? and did you get honey toast for dessert? :)

  2. To be honest, I was a lil disappointed. It was more Chinese/Western than Thai for me. I'd prob still go to Mei-Kung at Yanji St or Patio (both strongly recommended in yr blog :)) for more authentic Thai food. Is Patio still open though? The last time I went that way, it was closed.

    For Thai-Chinese fusion food, I think I'd also prefer Thai Town over Dazzling Thai.

    That said, Dazzling's grilled pork with sticky rice was really good. As good as the one I tried in Greyhound Cafe in Bangkok. Worth going to Dazzling for this :)

    And no, I didn't get the honey toast :) Been indulging too much in sweet things recently ... check out my post today for another sinful dessert I had at Shida :)