Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kao Chi Restaurant, Taipei

I like this branch of Kao Chi restaurant located on Fuxing Nan Rd near the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station. For some reason or other, it seems to have a higher quality of food and service than the one at Yong Kang Street.

Ever since Shanghai Court in Hyatt had taken deep fried eels off their menu, I'd forgotten how much I liked them till I saw this dish on Kao Chi's menu, so how could I possibly resist?!

(I don't normally like eating eel cos of the gazillion tiny bones, but when deep fried in this tangy sweet sour sauce ... ohhhhh ... irresistible!)

We'd actually wanted Dou Miao, but it wasn't in season, so we fell back on our fav tasty beancurd skin with veggies ... delish!

What is this, you're wondering? Don't be scared! It's actually codfish buried under crispy fried beans or "Dou Su" ... yummy!

Here's the codfish beneath all that "Dou Su" :)

For our carbs, we had some noodles in a tasty broth with spring onions and bak choy ...

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