Thursday, February 9, 2012

Black As Chocolate, Taipei

Erm ... I was too eager to dig into this cake I forgot to take a pic of it in its entirety. But to redeem myself, I did manage to take a pic of a slice of it :)

I blame any weight gain from this cake on my mom :) cos it was she who told me about it. My mom's neighbour's daughter, whose friend is the owner of Black As Chocolate, recently went to Taipei, and was given two cakes from her shop. The very kind and generous neighbour brought one to my mom's place for the neighbours to sample, and my mom thought it was very good. So I decided to check it out while I was still in Taiwan. (Apparently, Black As Chocolate, unlike Awfully Chocolate, is only sold in Taiwan.)

I had wanted to try the hazelnut chocolate cake, but it was sold out, so I decided to try the one my mom tried - Chocolate cake with kahlua soaked cherries ... the chocolate frosting is soooooo good!

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