Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shanghai Harbin Food Store No. 1, Shanghai

Having read so many news articles on the quality of food in China, I have to admit I've been rather cautious of what and where to eat in Shanghai. It normally takes me awhile to get used to eating more like the locals, so I thought I was pretty brave to try the cookies from this store ...

... but then again, I was told that this was sorta like a government approved store, so ... guess it wasn't that big a risk? :) In any case, this was one of the few stores that was doing bustling business! We had to wait a looong while before being served cos everyone ahead of us was buying up boxes of the cookies!

We ended up choosing these ...

Almond shortbread/butter cookies, almond cookies (using the very Chinese "nan bei xing" or apricot kernals), pine nut butter cookies, choc-dipped viennese cookies and palmiers. All were pretty good!

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