Thursday, February 9, 2012

Joel Robuchon L'Atelier, Bellavita, Taipei

During our last few days in Taipei, we didn't have our usual kitchenware to cook at home, so we mainly ate out. One of the places we had wanted to try for the longest time was Joel Robuchon at Bellavita in Taipei. (The last time we made an appointment, a typhoon swept into town and we couldn't make it.)

We chose from a selection of set menus, and were started off with this concoction, which was with compliments from the restaurant. I believe it was a corn soup* with parmesan foam ... yes, parmesan foam! Not being accustomed to such gastronomic fanciness, I was quite intrigued by this :) It was basically parmesan cheese that's somehow whisked into this light frothiness. All the tastiness of parmesan with all the lightness of a foam ... fascinating!

We were then presented with a beautiful bread basket. I kid you not ... this is exactly how it looked! Like it just came from the pages of a glossy food mag! The very warm and friendly waitress advised us that it was a sampler of their breads, and we could request for more of the ones we liked. For me, my fav was the brioche. Yum yum yum!

My choice of mains: Grilled Lamb* ...

I originally wanted to opt for the black cod which I'd heard was a big fav in the restaurant. But our server recommended the lamb. I was a tad hesitant cos I'm not a big fan of lamb esp when it's not done well. However, I figured, this is Robuchon afterall, so I went for it.

I thought it turned out really well. Look at that tender pink perfection! Although pink, it was most definitely cooked through. Was so tender, it was a breeze to slice through them.

The sidedish that came with the lamb ... immensely well whipped potatoes with lots and lots of butter. Soooo smooth!

Hubby's main: Lobster linguine in lobster bisque sauce* ...

Wow ... I did a double take when I first saw this dish. Was it what we had ordered? Then I saw the lobster claw and decided it was! I've certainly never seen this dish served in this manner. The lobster bisque foam was a very nice touch, counteracting the richness of the bisque and making it more palateable. Delish!

Dessert was a rice pudding with fresh figs, ice cream and whipped vanilla cream* ... this was soooooo good!!!

Hubby had a green apple sherbet with fruits* and a gold leaf on top :)

A latte to round off a most satisfying meal ...

Just when we thought we'd come to the end of our meal, we were so graciously presented with canneles, courtesy of the restaurant. Wonderful!

(* Sadly, my very dory-like memory couldn't recollect the exact names of the dishes and all the ingredients used, so these are to the best of my recollection. I know I know ... I should be more up-to-date with my blog posts ... blush blush ...)

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