Thursday, February 9, 2012

Peony Japanese Cuisine, Taipei

We spent Chinese New Year in Taipei, and were extremely glad to hear that we could still get a good meal at Peony, which was open all throughout the CNY. Wonderful!

I have to say that my dining experience at Peony seems to get increasingly better (it was good to begin with) with each visit.

First up: Sashimi platter

California rolls ... I was craving for some avocado, and was surprised by the added little wolfberries atop the rolls ... a nice Chinese twist :)

Absolutely delicious soba! Just look at that luscious green buckwheat noodles!

Tempura ... oh, this was sooooo wonderfully crisp and delicious! They had a very interesting tempura - if you look at the yellowish-n-greenish vegetable at the top of the pic, that's actually the flower of a loofah! It looked and tasted really good! And my fav sweet potato tempura ... I can't say enough good things about the sweet potato in Taiwan!

For dessert that was on the house, we had some red bean "kueh" made with glutinous rice flour to give it that chewiness or "QQ" (as the Taiwanese say) texture :) Served with a juicy slice of jumbu or rose apple.

Matcha green tea ... lovely!

On a side note, a nice, generous and kind colleague of Hubby's had treated us to Peony's about a week before this meal, and I so regretted not bringing my camera cos the meal was soooo good! Chockful of interesting dishes which he had specially ordered (we had a pte room). So, there are actually way more interesting dishes at Peony apart fm those I'd blogged about above and in earlier posts. I hope to return there one day to try them all again :)

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