Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was reading the cupcakesandcashmere blog and saw this post which linked to this post titled The Only Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe I Will Ever Need to Know How to Make For the Rest of My Life.  Woah .... with a title like that, how could I ever possibly resist trying this recipe out?!

So, off I went to Lemon Zest in Shanghai to get some baking supplies ...
... a silpat baking sheet 
... a new spatula 
... a rectangular tart pan (has nothing to do with baking cookies, but I couldn't resist cos it was on sale and I'd always thought rectangular tarts look so beautiful)

My cookies turned out a lot darker than those in the above weblinks ... I wonder why ... but they still tasted fantastic.

And no ... don't try to rub off those lil flecks of white on the pic ... it's actually salt that is sprinkled over the cookies just before baking that take the cookies to a whole new level!

So apparently, one of the secrets to getting the best chocolate chip cookies in this recipe is the amount of time the dough is given to chill in the fridge to absorb all the wonderful flavours in the ingredients.  As it was a huge amount of dough, I decided to bake them in stages according to the time given to them to mature in the fridge, so I separated them into packs of 4-hr cookies, 25-hr cookies (baking time 15 min) & 25-hr cookies (baking time 20 min).  I also had another pack of cookies which were around 36-hrs old.

After comparing the tastes, my friend and I figured there was indeed a difference in the 4-hr ones vs the 36-hr ones.  The latter had that nice caramel-ly taste that everybody was commenting about in the above two blogs.  But the former were nice too ... just in a very very slightly different way.

These cookies were exceedingly well received by most everyone!  Definitely a keeper!

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