Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tea at a (very) local patisserie - Kinh Doh

I've always had a thing for french pastries
so we decided to come to this little shop
patronised by locals.
Apparently, the owner's father was trained in France
by the French on the art of baking pastries.
The shop is totally unassuming
- in fact, it looks rather like our kopitiam
from times gone by.
But the lemon tart could beat Paul's anyday!
And the custard puff was lovely too.
It turns out that the owner's father (who sadly passed away last year) had actually met French actress Catherine Deneuve, who starred in Indochine - an academy award winning French film about Vietnam's liberation from French rule.
The movie Indochine is apparently huge in Vietnam
and seems to be a movie that most Vietnamese know and are proud of.

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