Monday, May 10, 2010

Almond Jelly

So after we had the almond jelly near the fabric market (see my post here), we took a walk around there - Di Hua Jie - famous for selling all kinds of Chinese herbs and dried goods. And I found a packet of almond powder, which is essentially ground-up almond. A lot of Taiwanese and Chinese use this to make drinks as it's supposedly good for the lungs/dry coughs. When I saw it, I was seized with inspiration! Why not use this to make almond jelly?

And voila! Here's the almond jelly I made with the almond powder ...

The top layer which looks milky is actually where all the almond powder kinda condensed - it gives the jelly a bit of grit/crunch ... but maybe next time, I'll try to sieve that out. Meanwhile, I'm happy with my lil experiment :)

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