Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sababa Pita Bar - Falafels!

We stumbled upon Sababa Pita Bar while we were at Yong Kang Street several weekends back, and I was so excited to find a restaurant serving falafels! They are one of my favorite foods! As it's basically vegetarian food, I feel healthy munching them down even if they are deep fried ... it's all in the mind :)

Anyway, after consuming that heavy meal at Ikki's, I thought maybe we should visit Sababa, and here it is ...

Isn't the decor charming? I really like the way the Taiwanese so creatively decorate their little boutiques and eateries. If I ever have a shop of my own one day, I'd like it to look as pretty as some of these in Taipei.

But back to the food - we ordered their "Hummus Tel Aviv", as recommended by our server ... it's basically a falafel on top of a platter of hummus and tomato salsa, served with pita bread...

And this is my "Pita Beirut", which apparently has everything - my fav falafel, baked chicken, hummus, egg, with tahini sauce in a pita bread ...

All I can say is DELISH! This really hit the spot! Am definitely returning whenever the craving for falafel hits! And next time, I'll be asking for their special hot sauce to be added to my falafel :)

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