Tuesday, May 4, 2010

春水堂Chun Shui Tang, Taipei

It occurred to me that I had not featured a very popular Taiwanese drink - Bubble Tea! Apparently, Chun Shui Tang prides themselves as being the original creator of the bubble tea. And I have to admit that theirs is one of the nicer ones around - the "bubbles" or tapioca pearls have just the right amount of chewiness, while the tea tastes just right ... I asked for less sugar (which is 80% of the normal amount of sugar).

Just to sidetrack a lil, one thing I appreciate about buying tea in Taiwan is that you can ask for the perfect amount of sugar in your tea, as well as the amount of ice in your drink. And the various tea combinations are amazing ... I really missed their tea stalls when I moved away from Taipei previously.

My Iced Bubble Milk Tea ... this really hit the spot as it'd been a long time since I had some chewy tapioca pearls

Hubby's Iced Jasmine Tea ... this was so fragrant and refreshing!

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