Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The BlingFest Continues ... with Bling for the Hair!

What?! More Bling, you say? Yes, indeed! Call me Mrs Bird for I am attracted to all things bright and sparkling :)

I was drawn to these mainly cos when my mom was last here, we'd been searching unsuccessfully for reasonably priced hair accessories like these for our neighbour's daughter back home. So, you can imagine my joy when I found these! The 2 in the centre are attached to black scrunchies, so those are super easy to wear - just tie it in a ponytail and you're ready to go. The other 2 are just clips to secure an updo, or a half-up look. The sales lady was showing us all different ways of wearing them ... wonderful! But I'm not keeping them all, cos I already have a few I've collected over the years. So, now's the tough part ... which to keep? Hmmm ...

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