Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ever since I saw Rachel Zoe wearing a tassel bracelet, I'd been thinking about making a bracelet with a tassel for myself. But I wanted something with a bit of a contrast, and while I rummaging through my trays of raw materials, I came across these twisted black stones, and thought they'd be perfect as a bracelet, and here it is:
- my tassel bracelet with a twist!

For this necklace, I was inspired by one I saw in Isabelle Wen's shop. I just love how the gold goes so well with all the natural coloured stones. I've had these stones for ages, trying to figure out how best to use them, and now, I can't be happier with this necklace ...

I was going to make a few more pieces of jewelry, but am unfortunately having a design-block. So, this will have to be continued at a later time (hopefully soon!) when I'm "unblocked".

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