Sunday, August 22, 2010

Isabelle Wen .... Part 2

The super persuasive salesgirl at Isabelle Wen put this I.W. magazine by the designer into my shopping bag ... I highly suspect it was a move to tempt remind me of the pieces I liked but had to forego due to my limited budget.

Anyway, her 2010 S/S collection is basically segregated into 4 "Looks":

1) Casual Formal

I really loved one of her shorts, which isn't pictured here. The cut was beautifully flattering, and again, so very comfy!

2) Contemporary Floral

I was sooooo tempted to get the lacey skirt in the 3rd outfit fm the left.
But in the end, I decided against it cos it was just too dressy for my lifestyle.
It was soooo pretty though!

3) New Age Romantic

4) Art of Fashion

I guess my style falls mainly in this category
- see my skirt in the 1st outfit fm the left on the bottom row?
I also fell in love with the yellowish/mustard dress (3rd outfit fm left on top row).
The assymetrical detailing is what got me.
Without the accessories, it just looked like a really classic dress with a twist.
But did I really need another dress? No ....

And here are some close-ups of the items I mentioned above ...
.... my drapey/puffy skirt ... style in a more casual way ...

The lovely lacey skirt ... it has an exposed zipper in the back which lends it a touch of edginess that makes it so much more modern ...

And the assymetrical dress ...

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