Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There Goes the Diet ... Sigh ...

I am totally utterly convinced that the forces are conspiring to get me to ditch my diet! Cos all my favorite bogs had posts today all about CHOCOLATE! And more CHOCOLATE! And I simply can't resist CHOCOLATE! Groan!

When I signed onto bloglovin, the first picture I saw was this by Smittenkitchen. Then I saw Joy the Baker's post here. Followed by Cupcakesandcashmere's (who normally posts about fashion, mind you!) post about chocolate chip cookies here. Then, AlreadyPretty posted about how it's not really acceptable that skinny=pretty here - in my present frame of mine, I take that as it's ok for me not to go on a diet. Are these signs I can ditch my diet, or are they challenges to test my willpower?

I will resist! I need to fit into my clothes! I need to be able to button my shorts/jeans! I need to stop living in clothes with stretch!

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