Sunday, August 29, 2010

East District, Taipei

I was supposed to take a pic of another local Taiwanese designer, Chloe Chen's store, but I got distracted by all the prettily decorated little stores/boutiques in the East District, and I totally forgot about it, so that'll have to be another post.

To compensate, I decided to devote a post entirely to the charming little shops in my favorite shopping area in Taipei - the East District ... I adore the entrepreneurial spirit of these shops, and only wish I could own a shop like these:

This lovely shop was located in an alley off an alley!
Stumbling upon it was like finding a little treasure!

This is one of my fav shops!
It carries mainly Korean fashion ... most of these shops sell Korean fashion, as the Taiwanese generally believe Korean quality to be superior to China-made products.

Doesn't everything look utterly gorgeous?
Sigh ...

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  1. Should do one on all the food outlets in East District