Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fifi's Market (Isabelle Wen), Taipei

This post is dedicated to my friend D over on the other side of the world! Cos ... it was solely entirely (albeit indirectly) her fault (well, ok ... I assume some blame due to my lack of willpower as well ...) that I learnt about Fifi's Market.

Fifi's Market is a total/lifestyle concept store by Taiwanese designer Isabelle Wen, wherein she has a boutique which carries fashionable clothing of her own designs, a charming cafe (Khaki Cafe) on the ground floor, a tea lounge on the second floor, and even a bar (W Bar) on the third floor. I went there on a little scouting expedition, and ended up with this!

Consider this fair warning for all those who step into the boutique at Fifi's Market: the salesgirl here is HIGHLY persuasive! I hadn't intended to purchase anything, but ended up walking away with this lovely sequined top (which, although heavily sequined, was, in my opinion, very subtly done).

AND I also got a drapey/puffy skirt to go with the top above, or to be worn with tops fm my existing wardrobe ...

Ok ... so it's time to come clean: When I first stepped into Isabelle Wen's boutique, I saw the above outfit on a mannequin, and it was pretty much love at first sight. However, I didn't ask to try it on, cos I figured with all the detailing, it'd be way over my budget. But the extremely persuasive salesgirl informed me it was 50% off, and when I tried them on, they looked great, and felt soooooo comfy! I think it's cos Isabelle Wen designs for the average woman (as opposed to those super slim girls I see in Taiwan)... a fact for which I am extremely grateful!

Furthermore, I loved these 2 pieces cos I could dress them up or down. Like I could wear the top with a pair of shorts and flat sandals for a more casual look. And I could team the skirt with a tank top or T-shirt to dress it down. I love versatility in my clothes, esp when I'm paying a pretty penny for them!

And after all that rationalising, when the super persuasive salesgirl informed me that these were very signature Isabelle Wen items, and that Isabelle Wen herself had worn this very same outfit, I was completely sold!

(Separately, the fact that another customer in the store, who was fm Hong Kong, had picked out around 10 items to try, served as some sort of after-sales assurance that I'd made some good mad buys :))

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