Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jamei Chen, Taipei

Recently, I took a New Yorker around Taipei for some intensive shopping. She'd requested visiting the local designers' boutiques here, hence my last few posts about Isabelle Wen. Personally, I've been rather partial to Isabelle Wen's designs as her style is very girly and feminine, with lots of embellishments ... and we all know, I like my bling :)

Despite my love for all things bright and sparkly, my general style is a lot more toned down. And that's when I'm drawn to Jamei Chen's boutique. The moment you walk into her store, you get this sense of calm and tranquility. It's like your mind unclutters as you admire the cut of her clothes and the beautiful textures of her luxurious fabrics. I'd definitely describe her style as understated elegance ... classic clothes with a twist.

Here are some of my fav pics fm her 2010 S/S collection:

I thought the detailing along the neckline was soooo beautiful ... just the perfect accent on the white "canvas" of the dress, as it were .... I'm now quite psyched about returning to her boutique to check this out. Fingers crossed that it's on sale and more affordable!

And I love the layering of white over the grey ... the overlay just softens the grey and makes the whole look more delicate and breezy ...

I've always been a fan of the colour combination of seafoam green and grey ... and the way this is teamed with the white skirt and beautiful bag ... simply lovely!

Jamei Chen 2010 A/W Collection

The use of red against the backdrop of black is simply stunning. The black jacket looks impeccably cut, the fit looks fantastic, and the red colour accent really energises the whole look. I think the scarf looks amazing!

As I get older, I find myself being drawn to colours, so it was no wonder that I was drawn to this dress below. When I was in the store, I fell in love with all her beautiful knits ... they looked gorgeously sheer and luxuriously soft to the touch. I can totally fantasize about being cocooned in this lovely purple knit dress ...

When I saw this gown, I thought it was so interesting! I was drawn to the layers of colour, and I thought the red was like a print of a rose. But while I'm looking at now, trying to picture a Hollywood celebrity who's wear this (haha), I think the red print may be "drawn" like the model's wearing a pair of red pants! How cool!

If I had the occasion and the guts to wear red fm head-to-toe, I'd definitely wear this ... I love the layering and the way the fabric drapes and falls .... sigh ....

If you'd like to see more, here's Jamei Chen's website:

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