Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers

The blue cheese burger that we had in Laguna Beach was so firmly embedded in my mind that when I was deciding what to do with some extra blue cheese in my fridge, I decided to try replicating the burger at home. At first, I thought I'd just make a burger with a blue cheese dressing, then I saw this recipe. I decided to make some open-faced burgers. And stuffed some blue cheese between two thin beef patties. Grilled the burgers, then topped it with some jalapenos for a bit of a spicy kick ...

Then I smothered the whole thing with some blue cheese dressing (blue cheese + cream + sour cream) .... and it was DELICIOUS! Hubby declared this the best burger he'd ever had ... but of course, he's biased :)

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