Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Minimal Cafe, A Cat Cafe, in Taipei

ok ... so I have a soft spot for cats, especially kittens - they are just such adorable little furballs, with their soft fur, pink noses and pink paws ... awwwww ... I wish I could get one, but with all the travelling I do, it's hard to keep a pet. Fortunately, some fellow cat lovers have come up with the concept of a cat cafe, where I can get my fill of the feline kind ...

Here's Minimal Cafe at Shida, Taipei ...

The welcome kitty? ... so sweet ....

A cat drinking from a ... a .... fish tank?!?!

(Don't worry. No fish were harmed in filming this shot.)

These two big ginger cats apparently have their favorite spots near the coffee machine cos of its heat/warmth.
(Warning: Approach these kitties with caution otherwise you might end up having a close encounter with their sharp teeth and claws!)

My favorite of them all: Jiao Jiao (named after "Jiao Tang" or Brown Sugar ... apt isn't it?). She's such a sweetheart! She allowed me to grab her and let me stroke and pet her without a fight. What a sweet temperament she has! And doesn't she look like a sphinx?

(Erm ... for those of you who are questioning the wisdom of having waffles/human food on the counter where several cats are, the waffles pictured here were not for the customers ... phew! ... I suspect they were the "unsuccessful" waffles, not meant for human consumption.)

And this kitty was curled up in this position throughout my entire visit ... I like the way his/her paw is curled up over his/her nose ... kinda like a "Just leave me alone" position, don't you think?

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

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