Monday, July 26, 2010

Jewelry Crazed!

I blame Rachel Zoe for my current craze over jewelry. Ever since watching The Rachel Zoe Project, I've been eyeing some Chanel jewelry on ebay. And I've been pretty mad about multi-chain necklaces, and gorgeous crystals. Then I came across a lil stall in the East District, Taipei, where I was blissfully surrounded by lovely sparkling crystals, cut glass, cabachons, sautoir jewelry and pseudo-Gripoix jewels! I felt like I was in an European vintage jewelry heaven!

Naturally, I couldn't resist, and bought a few things which I hope to use to make some statement jewelry ...

And the other day, while at Shida Night Market, I came across this darling goldfish ring! Its fins and tail can actually move ... when I shake my hand, it's like it's swimming! Adorable!

And in the same stall, I found this beautiful ring, which reminds me of Van Cleef & Arpels ... gorgeous gorgeous flower ring ...

I had wanted a longish necklace that had a statement pendant hitting midriff, and saw this geode pendant in Hong Kong. So, I just attached some gold chains and a toggle clasp. Then, one day, while I was wearing a top that needed a lil oomph around the neck, I wrapped the necklace round twice with the toggle chain in front, and voila!

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