Monday, July 19, 2010

Hong Kong Accessories

I've kinda been into accessories after watching The Rachel Zoe Project, and during my online surfing, I had my eye on some "bib" necklaces ... particularly this pearl bib necklace on the J Crew site, which looked similar to this pretty one I got fm a lil shop at Lee Gardens Road in Hong Kong ....

I thought this necklace with its strands of fine gold chains would be wonderful to accessorise a simple top ... I kept picturing how great it'd look with the J Crew tops I'd gotten during my last trip to Desert Hills Premium Outlets, Cabazon, California, USA.

This was pretty similar to the necklace above except this was in silver and the chains had different lengths. These chains also had some bits that were flat, giving it some definition/dimension, and in my mind, making it that extra bit special.

And I couldn't resist this lovely Panama hat! I like the "straw" material and even the stripey ribbon. I'd wanted one with an all black ribbon, but they didn't have one, which was just as well cos this one's growing on me :)

As ppl don't normally wear hats where I'm from, I'm now mustering up the courage to wear this around town. I've seen quite a few Taiwanese girls (and surprisingly, a number of fashionable Taiwanese guys too!) wearing them, and apart fm looking nice, I do really think they are practical for shielding the face fm the sun.

Maybe I'll work out an outfit to go with this hat next weekend ...

Does anyone else find shopping for perfumes a singularly overwhelming affair? I often get dizzy fm the wide array of fragrances available ... not to mention smelling the various notes, and remembering which perfume was sprayed on which part of my wrist/elbow/hand (and sometimes on friends' wrists!). So much so, I tend to just forgo it. However, not too long ago, when I was using up a (very old) bottle of perfume, Hubby commented that I smelled nice! So, I decided to bravely face the fragrance section in the HKIA. And this is what I got ...

As I was looking for an everyday fragrance, I thought Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet fit the bill perfectly. It's very light with a floral note that takes it beyond the fresh powdery/soap-like scent. And did you see that cute bow on the bottle cap? I am such a sucker for pretty packaging!

Since there wasn't a description of the scent on the box, I googled it, and found that the Blooming Bouquet fragrance was developed specially for the Asian market! How unique is that! Makes me love it even more ...

And even though it's supposedly targeted at young girls, which I most certainly am not, I personally think it's such a fresh scent, it's perfect for anyone ... and I am a firm believer of dressing and looking, and in this case, smelling age appropriate.

Anyway, for those who are interested, here's a description of the Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet scent:
"This delicate floral bouquet, composed of peony accords and subtle sparkling fruity notes, leaves a fresh and elegant signature, with a touch of irreverence.
Top Note: Mandarin essence
Heart Note: Peony
Base Note: White Musk"

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