Monday, July 19, 2010

Other Hong Kong Buys

This dress was soooo comfy and given my current infatuation with stripes, plus the assurance fm my friend, L, that this stripey dress fm H&M didn't make me look fat, I snapped this up ... it'd be perfect for hot summer days!

Lately, with all the weight I've gained, I've not felt too comfortable wearing tops that were too fitting or bared too much skin, so I figured this vest would solve my problems ... it'd be terrific over a spaghetti strap/strapless top or dress, providing some coverage without stifling me in the scorching summer heat.

I lurrrrve how comfy these Uniqlo knit pants are! I was skeptical about them when I first saw them on the hangers in Uniqlo - I was thinking "won't they make me look hippy?", but as I needed some new peddle-pushers (remember how I couldn't button up my existing ones?), I decided to go try them on ... and boy were they wonderful! Firstly, cos of their stretchy knit material, they were a dream to have on. Secondly, cos of the seam down the front, they helped slim my bottom half down. And thirdly, they had similar little vertical seams on the pockets at the back - these really did wonders in minimising my bum! So, was it any wonder I walked away with this in khaki and grey colours? :)


  1. u're so funny....seems to be travelling and eating ALOT ...

  2. Eating ALOT is right ... watch out for my posts on the extreme (haha) measures I'm taking to lose that weight! And hopefully I can soon button those cut-offs fm last summer!