Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Tops from Hong Kong

Eyelet, frills in a comfy Tee - how could I resist?!

I kept looking at this tunic top thinking it'd go great with leggings/jeggings, and I could even wear it as a dress with one of my pretty slips under it ...
(excuse the wrinkles on the next two tops - I was too excited to show them off and didn't iron them before taking pics :))

I have a weakness for baseball shirts with the signature raglan sleeves. Surprisingly, I've found it pretty hard to find nice ones that aren't skintight, and this one fit the bill perfectly! I only wish it came in other colours with other graphics/words ... honestly, these words mean nothing to me ... it just looks aesthetically pleasing imo...

When I shop for tees in Hong Kong/Taiwan/China/Korea, I'm pretty wary of the words cos most of the time, they mean nothing (as mentioned above), but sometimes, they are outrightly unwittingly vulgar or LOL wrong. So, as long as the words on the tee are pretty harmless and not embarrassing, I'm fine. I picked this tee cos the pic reminded me of John Lennon, and I liked the combination of the deep burgundy words with the grey background .... my idea of a more rocker/edgy tee...

In case you were wondering, I was pretty much on a tee-shirt craze cos I needed some to motivate me to go for my morning walks in my attempt to lose some weight... yes! Purchases justified! :) :) :)

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