Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jianguo Flower Market, Taipei

Lately, I've been missing having a lil herb garden. Everytime I need some basil, it seems such a pity to buy a bunch and use only a third of it at most, whilst the rest goes to waste. So, I was eager to visit the flower market to pick up some potted herbs for my garden.

I bought a wrought iron hanging planter for the herbs ... isn't it pretty?

And here's my herb garden - basil, parsley, lemon thyme and mint ...

A closer look at my lemon thyme ...

I was also on the lookout for some fragrant flowers - particularly this plant below (Orange Jasmine), which I'd noticed outside some shops in the Xinyi area. They smelled so lovely esp at night. I hope I manage to keep it alive!

While I couldn't find any nice roses at the flower market, I did manage to find some at the market near my apt ...

And look at this pretty white hibiscus! The plant my friend D gave me finally flowered!

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