Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plant Revival Part 1

I've never been much of a gardener ... practically every plant I touch turns brown within weeks. Sometimes I wonder if the new plants I bring home whisper to each other "oh no!" when they see my older plants.
However, somehow or other, this begonia - the pink one in the centre, which my mom actually bought fm Yilan a couple of years back for about USD$0.35 - managed to survive and even thrive! It used to be in a little pot, then I had to repot it into a larger pot, and I even managed to grow 3 more little pots from it! Amazing!

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And the purple flowers together with the same specie in red were on the brink of death, when I finally decided to repot them, and suddenly, they decided they liked their new home, and started sprouting healthy leaves and flowering! Oh such joy!

Even the ones my friend D gave started growing back their lush foliage and one even started to give little white flowers! I never even knew it was a flowering plant :)

Now, when I look at my little balcony, I feel so happy seeing all the pretty flowers and plants that I managed to revive over several months. Never really understood the joy of gardening till now :)

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