Monday, February 1, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Fantastic Roast Chicken! Amalfi Baked Lemons ... yes, again!

Jamie Oliver's Amalfi Baked Lemons is also one of hubby's favorite dishes. When a friend (for whom I'd baked them a day ago) innocently showed him a photo she'd taken of my baked lemons, hubby was indignant - why didn't he get to have any? Hahaha ....

So, I decided to bake them today as when I visited Jasons, 101, to pick up some prosciutto for the roast chicken, I saw some lovely yellow lemons (at a reasonable price).

Here they are before I capped them off with the final layer of mozzarella ... these are truer to Jamie Oliver's recipe than in my previous posts as I managed to pick up some basil, and remembered to sprinkle some chili flakes over them.

Basil leaf, anchovies and tomatoes sitting on a layer of mozzarella, all nestled in a lemon wheel, with a sprinkling of chili flakes ... before capping everything off with another layer of mozzarella.

The final product ... lovely bubbling and browned mozzarella ...

This is another favorite recipe from Jamie Oliver - also one of hubby's favorite dishes -
Jamie's Fantastic Roast Chicken. Basically, it's roast chicken seasoned with butter n thyme n proscuitto n garlic n lemon. Lovely!
(It's so good that hubby dug in to it before I could snap a photo when it was fresh out of the oven!)

I noticed that the restaurants we frequented in America (like Cheesecake Factory) sometimes served their mains with wilted spinach under a serving of grilled beef or roast chicken or grilled fish. And hubby, being a sufferer of gout, could never indulge in the spinach. So when I saw some Tang-O in the market today, I was suddenly seized by inspiration - when stir-fried, Tang-O looked similar to spinach, so why not serve that with the roast chicken?

After dinner, I cut some of my favorite Taiwanese fruits:
Custard Apples ... yum!

This is what it looks like (before being cut)

Jujube and Jambu/Bell Fruit

On the left is Jambu (as we term it in Singapore), otherwise known as Bell Fruit.
On the right is Jujube ... part of the date family. Looks like a green apple but tastes totally different, and has a kernal centre instead of an apple-like core.
Both fruits have rather mild tastes, but extremely juicy (for the jambu) and crunchy (for the jujube).

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