Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kyoto - Matcha Dessert - The Highlight of My Vacation!

For me, desserts are such a treat. Just looking at a beautifully designed piece of dessert is enough to make me happy ... well ... maybe almost as happy as biting into something which tastes as delicious as it looks beautiful :)

So, this matcha dessert place was definitely the highlight of this trip, and worthy of its own post, in my opinion.

I have always loved matcha green tea ... not just any ordinary green tea, but matcha green tea. It has such a distinguishable flavour, so different from green teas in other parts of the world. However, admittedly, I, not being a true connoisseur, cannot totally appreciate it in its raw form. I need it with sweetness added - best with milk and sugar. So matcha green tea desserts are right up my alley! But they are oh-so-difficult to find outside Japan. And when I found out that this was a speciality in Kyoto, I just HAD to have some!

I love the combination of matcha green tea with red beans. IMO, the slightly bitterish taste of the green tea is superbly complemented by the sweetness of the red beans. And when mochi is added, the chewiness highlights the contrasts in textures and flavours of all the ingredients.

This place is supposedly one of the more famous matcha green tea dessert places:

My droolworthy matcha green tea dessert! How good does that look?!
Just looking at it makes me want another one!
It's chockful of matcha ice cream, matcha cake, matcha jelly, red beans, matcha mochi, and chestnuts. YUM!!!!!!

Matcha mochi, ordinary mochi, red beans and jelly, in brown sugar (which erm ... apparently is too sweet, so if anyone decides to get it, ask for green tea instead of brown sugar).

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