Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wonderful Shoe Organisers

I first found these Made-in-Taiwan shoe organisers at a pushcart at Change Alley, Singapore. I lugged them all the way back to Taiwan (cos for some strange reason, the shops I visited in Taipei didn't carry this particular one), and found them ever so useful! So I started searching again for them in Taipei cos I just couldn't believe I couldn't find something made-in-taiwan in Taipei! Finally, a friend told me I could get them at B&Q, and off we went to get 2 boxes!

The special thing about these particular shoe organisers is that these are designed specifically for ladies' shoes, so they are narrower = more space :)

And with just one finger, you can easily pull out a pair of shoes since they have a base that rests on the shelves.

Look at how well organised my shoes are now! ... yes, yes ... I know there seem to more shoes than organisers, but my shoe cabinet is only this big ... heh heh heh ...

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