Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kyoto Dinner

This was probably my favorite meal of the trip - at Katsukura, Kyoto.

I have always liked tonkatsu - breaded deep fried pork cutlets. But this is one of the best I've eaten. The crust was so crispy, yet so fine that it practically melted in my mouth. That alone was enough to win me over. To put it over the top, the prawns were huge AND sweet, the pork cutlets tender yet not fatty, and the variety of croquettes were good, with my award going to the crab croquettes.

We were each given a bowl of sesame in a Japanese style pestle and mortar. As we worked on grinding the sesame, the aroma came wafting out, whetting our appetites (which were already building up, due to the long queue for this restaurant).

Miso soup

Special Barley Rice (can you see the barley grains?)

Finely breaded creamy crab croquettes and pork fillet - this combo was my favorite and the crab croquettes were so crisp outside and deliciously creamy inside. Mmmm ...

Finely breaded ebi (prawn) and pork fillet. This was one giant prawn! While we were waiting for our table, we saw someone finish one serving, and asking for another! After biting into ours, we understood why. The prawn was so sweet and fresh while the crust was fine and ever so crisp! What a delicious combination!

Creamy vegetable croquette and pork fillet

Katsu-don - I think this must've been good, cos I didn't get to try any! Hmmm ...

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