Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mai-Tai's Madeleines

In my rush to get to the market early this morning to beat the mad shoppers stocking up for Chinese New Year, I didn't manage to get any breakfast in me, so when I came home, I decided to bake some madeleines.

I saw this recipe that looked relatively simple on Mai Tai's blog. Sounds like Mai Tai's a friend, but really, I first "met" her on the Purse Forum, and liked her sense of style, and have been "following" her since ... no creepiness involved though!

But I digress... back to the madeleines... Apparently, a good madeleine is supposed to have a hump. Anyone knows why? Regardless, mine didn't have humps. I wonder if it's cos I didn't have a beater and couldn't beat the egg mixture into a mayonnaise consistency. I could only get them in a "ribbony" consistency even though my arms were so sore after this exercise. But alls well that ends well - they turned out looking great (even without the hump), and most importantly, they tasted great :) I'd prob make them again ... if I get a beater?

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