Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Osaka - Day 2

We had a late lunch cos the in-laws had a heavy breakfast (ever noticed how different families even from the same race have different eating habits?). But after walking around for quite a while, we realised that most of the restaurants in Osaka closed at 2pm for their break. Lesson learnt. We managed to find this one that was still open. It was located next to the river/canal at Shisaibashi shopping district.

First off, fried breaded chicken on a skewer, with a special dipping sauce provided (no double dipping cos it's shared by everyone).

Fried breaded beef on a skewer.

Fried japanese noodles with pork.

Grilled squid in a miso paste with spring onions

Okonomiya, or japanese pizza with sliced pork and squid.

After lunch, we had a crepe for dessert at Crepe Ojisan (again, along the Shinsaibashi shopping district). This was a seasonal special - chocolate + chocolate + chocolate! Yum! I love Japanese crepes, cakes and pastries! They do it so well!

at a Japanese Tapas Place
First off, Japanese caesar salad.
Another thing I love - Japanese salads! The salad was bursting with flavours! The Japanese really know how to make eating your veggies a delight!

Chicken Yakitori

Tamago or egg Japanese style

Grilled chicken thigh yakitori

Grilled chicken yakitori with leek

Fried chicken wings

Fried rice with pork and Japanese curry sauce

Japanese Tofu

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